How Yoga Can Help You Heal

How Yoga Can Help You?

Yoga is not just a stress buster. It helps cure many diseases. More importantly, it helps you avoid new ones. Studies show that practicing the postures regularly provides relief from ailments like bronchitis, diabetes, back ache, hypertension, constipation and more. It is also the best way to cure depression and quit addictions. People practicing yoga have less anxiety, low blood pressure and a healthy heart; within few weeks of practice, they notice that their overall body fitness has improved. The pranayama does wonders for those with respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis, provided they were practiced under the supervision of an experienced trainer. 

The Approach of Yoga:

Contrary to the modern medicine that focuses on the physical or gross body, yoga deals with the subtle aspects. It helps awaken the dormant life force within us. Most diseases occur due to the blocking of Chakras, the seven subtle disks located along the spine. Yoga unclogs them thereby triggering a healing process. Although each eminent teacher of yoga has his own version (probably named after him), all of them are slightly modified versions of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras dating back to 400 AD.

Months of toil at work can stress out even the most healthy people. In such case, nothing works as good as a holiday in a beach city. Additionally, if you get to learn the ancient relaxation techniques of Yoga and Pranayama at the vacation site, it’s an unbeatable deal.

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