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Humans have become more disease-prone in the past few decades. It could be due to increased pollution, unhealthy lifestyle or any other activity that disobeys the laws of nature. Yoga offers you a chance to detoxify your body in a natural process. Many tourists visiting Asia prefer to spend some extra time learning yoga. As such, many retreats and ashrams opened up in tourist places for people looking for yoga vacations. One such island is Bali, Indonesia. The island has a rare combination of spectacular beaches, forests and resorts. Since a few years, international tourists have been flocking here to learn yoga while enjoying their holiday. Unlike other mundane yoga ashrams elsewhere, you get to learn the asanas and pranayama in the lap of nature. The experience at a beach yoga retreat Bali is unforgettable.

Most yoga retreats here allow you to stay while attending few hours of training sessions every day. You may use the spare time to explore the beaches known to offer amazing surfing and kayaking experience. If time permits, visiting the ancient temples and shopping around isn’t a bad idea. As for the food, the Indonesian cuisine is refreshing and healthy. 

There’s plenty to explore in Bali other than yoga. The island is a spectacle of mixed religions and cultures. You can find Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians coexisting peacefully. The dense forest in Bali, a home to some endangered birds, is a treat for nature lovers. Bali has two international airports and is well-connected with all major cities in the world. For a yoga vacation, it is best if you can plan to stay here for 10-15 days.

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