When one considers possible locations of the Garden of Eden, it is not hard to think that Bali might have been a contender. It just really seems to have everything. The weather is mild, the beaches are amazing, the coasts allow for amazing water sports and inland there are beautiful and mysterious mountains.

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 Your Own Place in the Sun

It is said that the allure of Bali is due to its very special atmosphere – the people seem very wise and spiritual and you get the sense that they understand what is really important in life.  Life moves at its own pace in Bali – at times tranquil and serene, at other frenetic. It is the complete extremes that will have you falling in love with Bali and explains why it has become a centre for those looking for peace and enlightenment.

You can choose to throw yourself into everything that is Bali – the joyful riot of color, the exciting nightlife, the ancient culture and the mysticism or you can just pick and choose what you want. Choosing a yoga retreat is a great way to get away from everything and still experience the essence of the Balinese culture. Does it feel that your life is getting away from you? Retreat to Bali and find out what true bliss is. You need to detox and unwind.

 Go For a Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali

The huge advantage with Bali as a holiday destination is, of course, that things there are quite reasonably priced. In fact, your air ticket is likely to cost more than your whole holiday, especially if you go for detox yoga retreat in Bali. Detox your body, not your bank balance.

The reason for this is simple – the cost of living in Bali is really inexpensive and you, as the traveler, really get to take advantage. The prices at one of the prime resorts in Bali, Blooming Lotus Yoga, for example, are unbelievable. Your entire four day retreat can cost as little as $400 if you are willing to share a room.

Want your own room, add another $155. That’s under $600 for the entire stay – for five star service, your own private room with plunge pool two meals a day and cultural activities along with the yoga classes.

In most countries, you’d be lucky to get that kind of luxury for $600 a day, forget about meals as well. For the savvy traveler, this resort offers the utmost in luxury with very good value for money.

Feel like getting to know someone new? Why not take the room sharing option? You are bound to find that it is someone that you have a connection with – people go here, after all, for a blissful experience – much the same as you do.  Relax in your own private plunge pool or go exploring the surrounding area. Don’t forget to pay homage to the god in the ancient water temple across the way!

When it comes to the end of your stay in Bali, there is no doubt that you will have a much fresher outlook on life – step out of your own shoes and into the shoes of a much more blissful you.





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In Yoga, the brain functions as the central object. Yoga teaches one to spread out energy from the brain to other parts of the body. This is achieved through exercises that are highly proficient involving mind and soul. This is why meditation and yoga go hand in hand. Yoga and meditation have been used for a long time by many people to achieve multifold benefits. Yoga retreats are also available for those that want to get the best of yoga and meditation.

How you would benefit from yoga and meditation training 

Increased flexibility: Yoga involves a variety of practices and postures, these postures work to different parts and joints of the body. This assists to get rid of recurrent ailments such as headaches and backaches. Yoga has also been added as a fitness exercising program, the flexibility exercises improves one’s overall fitness. More importantly, yoga involves positions that are not available in many parts of the body.

Reduce anxiety and stress: For someone that has ever gotten overwhelmed with stress, taking a moment to take a deep breath and relax reduces this stress significantly. This is how meditation assists to reduce stress. It allows the mind to experience a relaxed and calming state which frees one from anxiety and stress. Meditation also helps achieve a relaxed state by allowing more blood flow to the heart.

Improved functioning of the heart: Yoga and meditation allows more blood to flow to the heart. This makes the heart function better. When your body and mind is in a relaxed state, the bodily functions experience a lesser tension and lesser muscle pain. This will help maintain cholesterol and pressure levels at a normal rate. By taking yoga training classes, you will be able to regulate blood pressure, body temperature, and cholesterol levels and reduce high stress levels.

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Taking yoga and meditation exercises comes with tons of benefits. To experience these benefits fully, you definitely should consider taking yoga retreats in Bali Indonesia. If you find your schedule somewhat tight, you can take Yoga teacher training online Bali. The online classes give you flexibility to take your classes from anywhere and to learn at your own pace and time. For your holidays, you should consider Bali Yoga retreats.

Bali is a tropical island far off the exotic land. It is tons of miles away from the tropical land, away from all the worries of everyday life. Bali is just the right place to achieve peace and get free from all your worries. This yoga adventure will be amazing, you will be able to experience the most peaceful of holidays here.

Bali Island Indonesia is the top destination for yoga enthusiasts all over the world. This wonderful island has beaches to its north, its western part has black sand while its southern beaches has white sand. The island is mostly surrounded by coral reefs.

Bali yoga retreats will simply be a memorable experience. Apart from the natural beauty of the Island, you get to experience great native foods, healing spas and hot springs and spend time with the amazing people of Bali. These amazing retreats are available all over the island throughout the year. This experience is simply a worthwhile experience not to be missed by yoga fans and people that want to experience the best of holidays.


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Yoga helps to enhance balance, stamina, and boost your mental clarity. It can also help to make your body flexible and stronger. Bali is an ideal location for anyone who wants to practice yoga. You will get to work with experienced visiting and resident instructors. You can participate in yoga as a form of exercise or for spiritual reasons. It is one of the best ways to start and end your days when you are at a yoga retreat.

Ashtanga Yoga teacher Training Bali

Bali is considered the best destination for anyone who wants to transform their life. It is a great place for introspection. Bali retreat centers provide tranquil environments where you can learn about yoga in a private place location. Most of the people who come to Bali are looking for spiritual leadership. You will benefit from high quality instructions offered by renowned international teachers.


Bali is considered a magical island and this makes your retreat experience even more interesting. The tranquil environment allows you to look inside yourself and embark on an inner journey. During the Bali yoga retreat, you will learn classic postures and how to attain breath control. The yoga classes also include meditation techniques. Yoga instructors will teach you about deep relaxation.

Bali retreats also offer yoga training for individuals who want to teach this practice. There are various yoga styles that are taught including Ashtanga yoga. This is a system that was introduced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India. The style involves breath synchronization combined with progressive postures. This form of yoga creates intense internal heat and involves a lot of sweating to detoxify your organs and muscles. It helps to boost your circulation and make your body lighter and stronger while giving you peace of mind.

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If you’ve been really into yoga for a long time, like many other yogis you may have considered becoming a teacher yourself. Even if you’ve never done yoga before and have yet to experience the amazing relaxation and other health benefits, you might enjoy a Bali yoga professor guidance session in Ubud.

Take a look at the benefits of becoming a yoga instructor at Blooming lotus yoga:

1. Get in Tune with Your Body

Anyone who practices yoga becomes better in tune with their body so this is a big benefit of becoming a teacher as you will get to enhance that skill even further. Participants of hatha yoga teacher training Bali have reported their relationships with their bodies becoming so much better.

2. Getting to Help Others

A big reason many turn to becoming yoga teachers is to help others receive the amazing benefits the practice has to offer. And just imagine getting to certify in an exotic location like Bali on a yoga retreat.

3. Better Job Skills

This is another great reason to certify as a yoga teacher – to gain more job skills. Yoga can be added to your list of skillsets and you will get to do something you undoubtedly love!

4. You Will Get to Grow

Becoming a certified yoga teacher can be very demanding. You will be required to practice every single day, or at least 5 to 6 times every week for at least a month as you will need 200 training hours to certify. This really is no easy task. But, it is definitely a task that will help you to grow physically in strength and even emotionally too. Yoga needs you to deal with yourself and by doing that every single day, you are going to grow in ways you simply never thought of.

5. Gain in Confidence

Yoga gives you heaps of confidence, but not of the arrogant kind. In fact, yoga is extremely humbling and it gives participants a type of peaceful confidence that you can carry over into every area of your life. Yoga can teach you to gain persistence, strength and patience, all of which provide an inner confidence once you have learnt to master the skills. By undergoing hatha yoga teach training Bali, you will get to enhance your confidence even more and pass that along to others.

6. Better Social Skills

Another amazing benefit of certifying as a hatha yoga instructor is that that you truly get the opportunity to put your social skills to the test. So if you’re usually an introvert who avoids social setting but are comfortable with yoga, by becoming a yoga teacher you can practice and enhance your social skills with others. Especially if you attend yoga retreats in Bali where you will meet different people from around the world who have the same interests. Better social skills is an important quality.


Yogic practice of asanas  is a completely positive activity that will help you benefit greatly in all spheres of life. Why not join a hatha yoga teacher training in Bali and become certified amongst exotic surroundings where you will truly have the opportunity to enjoy complete peace and serenity. It’s the chance to shut off technology and completely focus on yourself.









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How Yoga Can Help You?

Yoga is not just a stress buster. It helps cure many diseases. More importantly, it helps you avoid new ones. Studies show that practicing the postures regularly provides relief from ailments like bronchitis, diabetes, back ache, hypertension, constipation and more. It is also the best way to cure depression and quit addictions. People practicing yoga have less anxiety, low blood pressure and a healthy heart; within few weeks of practice, they notice that their overall body fitness has improved. The pranayama does wonders for those with respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis, provided they were practiced under the supervision of an experienced trainer. 

The Approach of Yoga:

Contrary to the modern medicine that focuses on the physical or gross body, yoga deals with the subtle aspects. It helps awaken the dormant life force within us. Most diseases occur due to the blocking of Chakras, the seven subtle disks located along the spine. Yoga unclogs them thereby triggering a healing process. Although each eminent teacher of yoga has his own version (probably named after him), all of them are slightly modified versions of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras dating back to 400 AD.

Months of toil at work can stress out even the most healthy people. In such case, nothing works as good as a holiday in a beach city. Additionally, if you get to learn the ancient relaxation techniques of Yoga and Pranayama at the vacation site, it’s an unbeatable deal.

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Yoga teachers and those who practice yoga all have a common saying and that is “take a deep breath and relax”. They like to tell everybody when you relax you can actually feel the tension melting away from tense muscles and feel the worries dissipate. It is a fact that we all know deep down that relaxation is excellent for health and well-being, yet so few practice exactly that. Even researchers have studied the effects of deep relaxation and came up with proven results that bodies change on genetic levels during deep relaxation. If you are a long-term yoga practitioner, you automatically have more disease fighting genes that someone who does not practice yoga.

Genes that were particularly switched on were those that protect from disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, infertility, and pain. The benefits of relaxation increase with regular yoga and meditation practice and individuals have greater chances of remaining disease and pain free than their counterparts who does not relax. Now look at the ancient balancing of the mind for self-realization and awareness of yoga and couple that with yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda.

This science is as old as yoga itself and developed for diagnosis of imbalances in minds and bodies and for the treatment of those imbalances with the use of natural remedies, herbal treatments, and medicines. Ayurveda and Yoga’s relationship is two inseparable sisters, with Ayurveda being the science and yoga being the practice of that science. One of the holiday types, which are increasing in popularity, is combining a get-away with a yoga holiday. One of the most popular yoga destinations in the world is the tropical paradise that an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Bali, offers people worldwide.

Yoga being practiced in nature surrounded by majestic mountains and overlooking magnificent beaches is the ideal place for a relaxing yoga vacation. The Ayurvedic yoga Retreats Bali offers are diverse and true sanctuaries to rejuvenate and relax your spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. Live in a luxurious villa, taste delicious cuisine, experience authentic Ayurveda spa treatments, do daily meditation and yoga. Majestic settings in the nature while tasting the balanced taste of wholesome, seasonal food prescribed by Ayurveda. You experience al the tastes, sweet, sour, pungent, astringent bitter and salty in maintaining balance.

This yoga type also specializes and concentrates on personal freedom through mediation, yoga, sensory arts such as playing, eating, cooking, dancing, music and more. Nestled in quaint mountains or overlooking the beaches with its warm tropical waters you have an option amongst several Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Bali to choose from. These retreats are indigenous, spiritual, rustic spaces where friendly, unpretentious, earthy, and genuine people who really care about your health, well-being, and inner peace surround you. Visitors take advantage of the myriad of cultural offerings, beautiful, idyllic scenery, boutique shopping, peaceful and easy-going lifestyle, international cuisine, embraced by the warmth of the Indonesian people. Living in luxurious settings with a vast array of facilities differs from the various retreats although you will never lack for anything at either of these retreats in Bali, Indonesia.

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